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Native Apps

More possibilities that Web Apps

Native Apps allow for faster reaction, sending notifications and offline consulting. 4 Tablet Native Apps: iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle + one Web version for people without Tablet.

Unique! Create your design!

Supercharge your PDF

Practicality and Autonomy

Easily add Links, Videos, Photos, Audio Files, YouTube, Facebook, Code HTML5…. Knowledge of code or graphic design is not required.

Your common sense is enough ;-)

Marketing Tools

Broadcast everywhere!

In addition to being present on the Apple, Google, Amazon, and Windows stores, we offer you the opportunity to have a Web version. Load your publications on your websites and broadcast them on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,…).

Managing Subscriptions

Retaining and Increasing Number of Subscribers

Digitalpublishing.io allows you to connect your current subscribers and provides subscription tools to increase your number of subscribers … and your income!


An Overview

How many downloads? Pages seen? Which Store? The Administration Console allows you to view the audience of your publications by periods.


Administration Platform

The Administration Console allows you to manage different Access Levels for your Users. For example, the person who is enriching may not be able to access subscribers and statistics.

Secure Broadcasting

Digitalpublishing.io is committed to maintaining a high level of security for HTTPS data access, the requirement to use a complex password, converting PDF documents to be readable by digitalpublishing.io reader only. As well as for hosting this data.

White Label

Customise your Apps

Use your logo to enhance your identity – Customise your enrichment icons – Insert your own display wallpaper for publications as well as the text colour. And for even more impact: your own URL for the website version (option).

Are you ready to take action?