Solutions for Communication Agencies

You are thinking: “What should I do with a digital publication?”

Before your customers spin on the sly, offer them to take care of their « paper” image as well as their « digital” image. Whether virtual or real, the image is the image, the most important foundation for a company.

If you are already creating there publications, catalogues, packages, ads etc … it might be smart to make them understand that you are perfectly positioned to help them engage in digital publishing.

This is the opportunity to retain your customers, but also to complete the « package » by offering to manage their Apps, as well as publications and media (photo galleries, videos, music, interviews, animations…) while respecting their graphical chart.

You are totally independent while enjoying a very simple administration:

  • You manage in Stores real-time broadcasting (Apple, Google, Windows, Amazon, and the Internet version) and supports (tablets, smartphones),
  • You upload PDFs,
  • Add your enrichment pictos (icons) and App background,
  • Create App Menu as you like it,
  • Integrate your media,
  • Select a reading mode (On the page, Full screen),
  • Select a broadcasting mode (general public, reserved for subscribers etc ..)
  • And you decide on a broadcasting date for each document.

Even if your customers are not talking about digital publications yet, take the lead before a company more dynamic than yours goes for it.

Why not take the opportunity to attract a new type of customer at the same time?