Press is a digital publishing platform allowing companies to publish their magazines, reports and documents (media enriched) themselves, on different Stores through mobile Apps that we generate. Users are totally independent.

Automation and Simplification
Automatic process to build Apps without using development tools.
Independent generation of visuals (icons, splash screen) and App-specific settings based on customer choice.

Innovations for the User
From the Web interface, a user can create and design without a single code:

  • A Native iOS, Android, Amazon & Windows App ready to be published in Stores.
  • A desktop version for Mac and PC.
  • A Web version.
  • Selling your publications within the App. In fact, each App connects to the in-app payment of the relevant Store and User account.
  • Customise graphically your applications (including native versions).
  • You can easily add a PDF publication from your interface. This document goes into a server-side transformation process (transparent to the user). The transformation consists of creating an HTML version with a layout identical to PDF, with the aim to reduce the release and gain in quality since fonts become scalable allowing to display publications in a Web browser.
  • Enrich your publications using media: videos, photos, links, animations…. and don’t worry about optimisations – they will be completed on server-side.

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