About us

digitalpublishing.io is a service provided by MATSIYA enterprise.

MATSIYA is one of the first Hindu avatars that came down to earth to save mankind (actually for someone in particular, but we have expanded its « field of action »).

Of course, in December 2002, avatars were not yet in fashion and the James Cameron film, so well known today, not yet released in theatres, it appeared in England only in December 2009. Ahead of our time?

Above all, we are a small, dynamic and highly motivated team, daily practicing positive attitude. Our slogan could be: « Impossible is not MATSIYA »

All it takes is a desire, and occasionally several pints of tea, coffee, water and liquid yogurt.



Head of portfolios, management, planning and testing.

And occasionally, a person behind your back, asking where you are at and why…

Tea drinker, she is never to be seen without her mug.



Ergonomist and graphic designer

A coffee drinker who “forgets” to throw away his used capsules… No comment ;-)



We are also calling him “God”.

Our chief developer with a great and quick brains.

We ask him several things at the same time and he gets it! Rare for a man… O:-)

He drinks only water, water and more water.

A real nerd…




Our second developer is definitely not a morning person:

K : « David? »

D : “Huh? What?”

K : “OK, great! Then you do it”

D : “Huh … yeah… what are you talking about?” 

Some coffee for David, but not too much ;-D

It’s true that we are having fun at his expense, but once his neurons woke up he works fast and really good

Our Web Marketer  

We are looking for the right person:
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