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Digital publishing and companies… what is the relationship?

At one time or another, every company needs to publish digital documents.

Well yes, and this is true whether you are a big account, a small or medium company or even a start-up.
It seems to me that this is not clear yet… so here we go:

    Case 1

  • Imagine: You are the owner of a small company selling products or services through a sells rep or a fleet of super-sellers
  • As a prospect, I believe only what I see. Don’t you?

Why not facilitate the work of your sells reps? Provide them a mobile, interactive, daily updated catalogue (yes it is possible)!

What could be better than to show to your prospects or customers all details of your offer?

Imagine a picture of a product, its description and its price…. yeahhh, pretty common, right?
Now imagine the same product description, but a click (or a tap) on the picture will pop up the video showing the product in a real life context.

« A little video for a big decision-making power, since it allows you to demonstrate that your product works (which is already a good point), and to illustrate in which situations and environments it can be used. Well? You will reply: “Do you know any better way to sell?” better way to sell?”

    Case 2

  • You are working in a very large enterprise commonly called “big account”
  • You need to distribute documents within a company? Notes, reports, statistics…?
  • And perhaps even internally produced documents for external users?
  • How to communicate documents in bulk, structured and easy, to concerned persons?
  • By using of course

For documents for external users, free or not, you have a multi-media application (iOS, tablets and smartphones, Android, Windows, Amazon and Web) accessible only through a subscription.

Using this system, you provide lambdas readers the ability to subscribe to categories that interests them and so read offline, wherever they are.

Regarding the readers internal to the company, this is the opportunity of boasting a digital publishing platform that allows you to have a tablets and / or smartphones Apps « specially reserved » for your company. A real private and secure Apps to broadcast all the documents you wish, with or without the media… And the icing on the cake: surveys and games. Yes, you can do it yourself (or with the help of your webmaster): integrate HTML for games and surveys.

A great source of information, isn’t it?