Step 0: Create a Test Account
Step 1: Select a desired Subscription
Step 2: Open iOS, Google or other developer account
Step 3: Upload + Enrich the Publication
Step 4: Complete the information in Apps > Global Configuration > Design + Splash Screen + Menu + Publish in Stores + Generate my iPad App (Android, Amazon, Microsoft, web).
Step 5: If fees apply to your publications, you should create merchant accounts for each platform, as well as In-app (for each issue published). Regarding the web version, purchase and subscription are connected to your PayPal account.
Step 6: Change the Status of your Publication. Change it from “Ongoing Enrichment” to “Published” + “OK” + Saved
Step 7: Send us a message from the Support Area to let us know that we can compile applications: 3 business days.
Step 8: We submit applications to Google: available in Stores within 24 hours (normally) Apple: Response time is about 15 days. If the iPad App is accepted: immediately available.
Step 9: Start a communication campaign to market your App and increase the number of broadcasts.
Good news: further publications will be much easier to handle. You will have to complete only steps 3, 5 and 6 for each publication. A new publication placed in the “Published” mode is available in Stores within 20 minutes after going online.

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